The Sport Sunglasses Triad

Sunday, November 4, 2012
Sports have become serious business in the 21st century. The differences between professionals and those who play for recreation and exercise have not disappeared altogether, but amateurs seek out higher performance levels all the time. There is a new culture of fitness around us that demands that we work hard at our favorite sports even if it is not our source of income. Consequently, sport sunglasses are not limited to the world of fashion alone, although who would not like to look his or her best when competing?

You may be generally aware that the game you love and practice most needs a particular kind of specs to help you do better. But are you aware of specific product features that should figure in a purchase decision? Cut through advertising hype and get the relevant facts filtered through. Online shopping is a special challenge when you need help, because there is no salesperson or optometrist around for you to badger. Here are three easy things to guide you to buy the brand and model that will serve your purpose best:

* Materials of construction. Learn as much as you can about the modern stuff used to make frames and lenses, because you want a mix of durability and flexibility without weighing yourself down. Lightweight frames that you can hardly feel should fit snugly and give you reliable service for reasonable periods of time. This should be kept in mind as you browse through collections of sport sunglasses on a website. Similarly, opt for strong plastic lenses that offer visual qualities similar to glass but that pose low risks of shattering and damaging your eyes.

* Tints. Some of the most technically made tints may not match your dress or may even make you look a bit like an alien from another planet, but pay no attention to such superficial factors. Every tint has a unique role in cutting out glare, sharpening contrast, and enhancing your vision in tough conditions. Money spent on interchangeable lens systems will provide handsome returns if your sport involves a variety of changing light conditions.

* Fit. Now, that is a small word for a whole lot of things when it comes to the competitive world of sport sunglasses. Your temples and the bridge of your nose are the vital points to keep eyewear precisely in place as you swerve, collide, hit, and make all the other sharp movements that distinguish you as a sports person to watch. Clear vision, no matter what the circumstances, is what you want. How well do grips and pads work on the brand you want to buy? The best frames and lenses in the business are of no use if they are not precisely in place as you go through the most critical milliseconds of a sport.