What Is An Extreme Sport?

Sunday, November 4, 2012
An extreme sport is a category of sport that involves more thrills than competition. That is not to say that all extreme sports are strictly for the fun of it and there is no competition. For instance; skateboarding on special U shaped courses is judged and a winner declared. Another example is hot dogging. This is skiing in a manner that employs acrobatics. The judges decide who wins according to how well the competitors perform flips and such.

Other extreme sports do not involve competition at all. Bungee jumping would be a good example. Another example would be base jumping. Here the person simply participates for the thrill of it. Whether competition is involved or not, extreme sports are far more thrilling and normally far more dangerous than let's say a game of tennis or basketball. Thisextreme sport forum is to teach those who don't normally pay close attention to these activities how to differentiate extreme sports from normal sports.

There are competitions set up in many places around the world where competing is the number one purpose. These sport meets will pit the best against each other to see who can best maneuver their skateboard along a dangerous course or who can do the best performance of moving their body through various positions while in mid-air on a motorcycle jump.

Whatever the sport is, extreme sports has gathered a lot of fans over the last decade and a half. Even television has picked up on this and it is common to see these events televised in many parts of the world. Normally, people don't get seriously hurt but think of what could happen if a motorcycle rider moves the wrong way and looses control of his motorcycle while 15 meters off the ground in the middle of a jump. Even the skateboarders like to skate on railings that are designed with safety in mind. When you descend steps you should hold on to a railing so if you slip you can prevent a fall. Now, if you use this railing to skateboard down it isn't really being used as designed and can be hazardous.

Whatever the extreme sport is; be prepared to get banged up unless you are smart and decide to be a spectator. One good thing about enjoying extreme sports as a spectator is that it isn't anymore dangerous than watching regular sports.