Gauri Khan - How to Stay in the Heart?

Sunday, June 9, 2013
The entertainment industry,over the world,have a big influence,starting from fashion,hair model,tattoo,accessories,cars,life style,etc. That is how the public figure marked on their fan maind set. Public figure become a trend setter from many different kind and side of people in an ordinary or high class.

There are many qualified, segmentation and complexicity in order to make a big influence and building a world class name,but over all,the important thing is how to make a loyal fan and stay at the top position.

Below is a sample of research according to the gender based factor through the entertainment influence to world life hood.

Female Fans :

In fact,for example,fashion trend,more than 70% are female,this is a reflection where are the loyal fans come from. Entertainment industry have a big responsibility to make a positive influence to the world, even in some case we found that there are many negative inpact from this entertainment industry.

So,what is the fans need?

If you are fanatic to a person or group, what do you need they do is what they supposed to do to stay in your heart. Some of the common criteria are : * They want to have a positive side and influence from a person, so give it * They need a consistency and loyality. Consistence with your profession * Come out with a fresh and new update style * Do not get involved in a criminal action and consume forbidden drugs * They avoid a negative issues through their entertainment carrier * Can inspiring in life and social environment

For example, from bollywood, india, who doesn’t know an actor called shah rukh khan, but there are a women behind him,his wife,called gauri khan. She is a film producer,wife,mother,and active in some social organization.

She is an inspiration to her fan,how to become a good wife,a great mother and in a same time as an actress and producer.

Male fans :

In some surveys, most of male are a fans of female actress. Funny but it’s an entertainment industry fact. There are different statistic report,but majorly a beautiful and sexy actress adding with their quality skill in entertainment make they are become a star for the male fans.

There are some name,like,shakira,jeniper lopez,Angelina jolie or even Madonna. And some other world class model name. They have a loyal male fanatic fans. Not publicated but statistic report it. For example,a young sexy model of playboy magazine called Janine habeck,she is a playmates in this world class men magazine.

Children fans :

If we are talking about children,in the entertainment industry,we are talking about cartoon character. There are many characters in many cartoon movies representing the spirit of each age in children growth.

All most cartoon movies give a soft adventure, funny and educational story. It can build a good character to the children. This is a responsibility of their parent to choose a quality and educational based cartoon movie and avoid a negative cartoon or character, s that the children have a positive thing in their growth from their cartoon character. In asia, there are animated cartoon called upin ipin, these can be a good reference for a good educational cartoons.